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OpenBooks is a hub for Neocities community projects. Currently, our projects include two search engines and the OpenBooks WebRing. It will also be host to future projects by The OpenBooks Authors and Coyote Reyne.

Wired Sound for Wired People

Neocities most popular site, themed around the anime "Serial Experiments: Lain"


A blogging site from Charlie


The personal site from wideoscarpop. This was my first site, originaly called wideoscarpops-site-will-change, but I redevoloped it not long before starting NowNet.


A site about bugs and with a load of buttons.

Bryce's site

A MySpace themed site.

Antidepressent 004

Adspace, the construct to which all depressants (including your current depressant - "Life") belong has run out of SSRIs due to extreme use by the depressant "Life". This depressant will be removed during the upgrade to Adspace 2.0. We request that you leave this depressant. This can be done by signing up before the time of unlink. This does NOT require you to kill yourself; you simply need to die (from any cause) after the deadline. We in charge of this process would like for you to live long and happy lives before this! Nah I'm just f*cking around b0is, this is just going to be a site where I post random shit. Enjoy.

cvrsed's silly website

The personal site from the British jungle song artist Cvrsed.


A massive website with a load of random stuff